Corbin- Mourn

Corbin Smidzik, otherwise known as Spooky Black, returns to the RnB scene with his best project to date. Corbin has been releasing tracks since late 2013, gaining huge momentum on SoundCloud and youtube. Becoming a b-list internet celebrity, his music began getting huge coverage during 2014. After a few mediocre mixtapes and collaborations, he finally releases a great project, choosing to abstain from rap completely and emphasize his voice.


Corbin arrives, starting the album out strong with my personal favorite track, ICE BOY. Weaving together powerful vocals and a smooth, simple beat, Corbin creates contrast in a beautifully solemn tribute to runaway love.

As the album progresses, Corbin’s straining vocals and emotional delivery continues to impress. On Mourn,  Corbin features much smoother and slower vocal deliveries with a similar emo-synth beat that wraps into another great gut wrencher.  

Corbin continues taking steps to distinguish this album from his other projects thus far. His vocals and delivery take massive leaps in the right direction, pushing his vocal boundaries. The Aesthetic of this album is impeccable, beautifully displaying a post-apocalyptic emotional wasteland.

On the track something safe, we have the privilege of hearing Corbin collaborating with Antwon, an exciting meet-up between two underground forces in the music community. Antwon’s somber, slow rapping compliments Corbin’s wailing, melancholy vocals perfectly. It seems that with albums like Heavy Hearted in the Doldrums, and The End of Earth, that Antwon matches Corbin’s aesthetic seamlessly. These two were simply made for each other.

The immaculate production on this album is nothing surprising, as it’s composed of veteran producers Shlomo and D33J. Another fantastic pairing, the producers slow, bare-bones beats fill the tracks up perfectly.  The producers match the tone of Corbin’s vocals marvelously, helping to complete this desperate love story.

An eerie and depressing journey through Corbin’s numerous romantic interactions while preparing for the end of the world, this album perfectly captures heavily bluesy R&B while giving the album his own gothic personality.


If nothing else, this album should leave you excited for the future of Corbin’s career. Although I personally loved the upbeat R&B that Corbin laid down in the bonus track off black silk, “Personal Touch,” to see him put so much time into a project is fantastic. From the beginning of his viral fame, it was apparent that Corbin had many talents that needed to be buffed out, and it appears that he’s finally found his polished sound.


Corbin- Mourn

Summer Salt

summer salt

If you have been looking for the perfect downtempo summer jams to play while you lounge at a beach or cruise around, look no further than SummerSalt. The trio from Texas plays pleasant indie rock ballads reminiscent of the beach boys, seamlessly integrating tropical sounds and easy going rock.

With three releases under their belt via Bandcamp, the band continues to establish their sound and add original elements to their newer music.  It’s exciting to see young artists integrate classic sounds into their music, showing respect for the summer rockers of the past. The EP Driving to Hawaii is my personal favorite.

Definitely give them a listen, and keep some tabs on them as they continue to make music.

Here is the band camp:

Summer Salt

Late June Playlist

HeatWave Dungeon dweller

While the crew at Dungeon Dwelling cooks up more meaningful content, enjoy this little appetizer. This is the late June playlist, or “Heatwave.” We cultivate mainly new music (give or take a few months) and mixed it with a few old ones to create a playlist you can listen to with the windows rolled down on a hot day. The playlist is dominated by synth pop and electronic tinted RnB.

The Drums return finally with some better quality music, differing slightly from their past projects. Honestly, it’s not that different because of the drums crazy limited sound style, but at least it sounds good again.

Brock Hampton tears out of the gates of upcoming hip-hop with their knockout album saturation. The group combines Odd Futures rebellious themes with lighter, more intelligent elements.

And finally, perhaps the most notable is the Larren Wong song “Stunt w/ Me.” Why is this so notable? Mostly because my friend goes to school with this guy at Northwestern and he apparently also plays football for the wild cats. Can you say multi-Faceted? Damn.


Late June Playlist

Dungeon Dwelling

This post represents the conception of a music blog that I have wanted to create for a long time. To begin with, each day, I will post some sort of musical content I find interesting. This is not the goal in the long term, the long term goal is to have a specified niche that I cover, and to get my articles in actual text format, perhaps in the way of a magazine printed only annually or semi-annually.


Dungeon Dwelling