Late June Playlist

HeatWave Dungeon dweller

While the crew at Dungeon Dwelling cooks up more meaningful content, enjoy this little appetizer. This is the late June playlist, or “Heatwave.” We cultivate mainly new music (give or take a few months) and mixed it with a few old ones to create a playlist you can listen to with the windows rolled down on a hot day. The playlist is dominated by synth pop and electronic tinted RnB.

The Drums return finally with some better quality music, differing slightly from their past projects. Honestly, it’s not that different because of the drums crazy limited sound style, but at least it sounds good again.

Brock Hampton tears out of the gates of upcoming hip-hop with their knockout album saturation. The group combines Odd Futures rebellious themes with lighter, more intelligent elements.

And finally, perhaps the most notable is the Larren Wong song “Stunt w/ Me.” Why is this so notable? Mostly because my friend goes to school with this guy at Northwestern and he apparently also plays football for the wild cats. Can you say multi-Faceted? Damn.


Late June Playlist

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